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    Last updated 6 years ago

    In order to run a successful business, a manager needs to keep his or her employees motivated. Though motivation can come from pep talks and interesting projects, the office environment has perhaps had the most effect on an employee’s performance. For more information, take a look at these additional resources:

    • Are you trying to find the perfect holiday gifts for your employees? Let this page from help.
    • There are an infinite number of ways you can decorate your office. Discover a few of them at this page from
    • Do you need help organizing your office? Check out this page from
    • Motivating and rewarding your employees doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn a few great motivational methods at this page from Microsoft. 
    • Do you need help motivating your employees? Check out this page from

    Do you have any questions? Call Successories at (800) 535-2773.

    Checking out Your Employee Gift Options from Successories

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Rewarding your employees is an excellent way to encourage everyone in the office to perform their best. However, finding a gift that is affordable, desirable, and appropriate is a lot more difficult than you might think. Luckily, Successories can help you find the perfect gift for your employees. Here are just a few of the motivational gift options that we’re proud to offer.

    • Special awards

    Everyone loves getting special awards—especially when dozens of their supervisors and coworkers are watching. Sometimes, the best gift you can give your employees is a little bit of confidence, represented by a trophy, medallion, or plaque. Not only is it great to receive such an award, but it’s nice to have it on display in the office for years to come.  

    • Office decorations

    The next time you speak to one of your employees, you should take note of his or her office or cubicle. If it seems rather bland, then you might surprise him or her with a poster, an interactive sculpture, a desktop print, or some other tasteful decoration. Your employee will remember your kindness every time he or she sits down at his or her desk.   

    • Practical gifts

    It’s also nice to give your employees gifts that do more than look good. Pens and mugs, for example, are small, inexpensive, and useful gifts that everyone can appreciate. If you’re planning on rewarding a large number of people at once, you’re probably best off going with one of these types of gifts.

    • Custom gifts

    If you have the time and energy, you could take your gift-giving to the next level with Successories’ infinite customization options. You could inscribe virtually anything you want on a mug, pen, or poster in order to make your employees feel all the more special.

    If you’d like to learn more about employee gifts, contact Successories today. You’ll be amazed by our selection of motivational posters, awards, and other wonderful products. Don’t let your employees’ tireless efforts go unrewarded—call us today at (800) 535-2773.


    HR Basics: Performance & Rewards

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Are you looking for a way to improve efficiency and raise confidence in your employees? In order to encourage your employees to enjoy their work and achieve great things, you might consider offering them rewards.

    In this video from, you will learn about effective performance management. For increased productivity, you should encourage your employees to make goals, and then reward them as they make progress towards those goals. It also helps to give your employees plenty of face time, so they feel like they’re more than a number.

    Are you looking for a great way to reward your employees? Contact Successories today. We’re dedicated to improving productivity and morale with our award products, motivational posters, and employee gifts. Call us today at (800) 535-2773 if you have any questions.  

    Great Accessories to Help Decorate and Personalize Your Desk

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Since you spend so much time at work, it only makes sense to customize your workspace as much as possible. After all, nothing can be as disheartening as a bleak cubicle surrounding a barren desk. In order to show off your personality to your coworkers and supervisors, you should consider decorating your desk with motivational accessories. Here are just a few offered by Successories:

    • Calendars

    In the business world, you need to be on top of your schedule at all times. A desktop calendar doesn’t just make a wonderful decoration, but it can be extremely useful for remembering appointments and meetings.

    • Clocks

    Though there’s something to be said about getting lost in your work, it’s also important to keep track of time. By placing a tasteful clock on your desk, you’ll be constantly abreast of the time so you don’t have to stay at work one second longer than necessary.

    • Pens

    Despite the world’s rapid digitization, you still need to write things down every once in a while. When it comes time to write your signature or take notes, you’ll be glad you have your decorative pens within reach.  

    • Mugs

    Mugs are an important part of virtually every office environment. Not only do they hold coffee exceedingly well, but they make wonderful desk decorations. If you’re looking for a mug that’s uniquely you, you’ll be pleased with Successories’ vast selection.

    • Art

    Though your desk may be an altar of productivity, that shouldn’t stop you from decorating it as you would any other surface. If you see a nice sculpture that fits your personality and style, go for it.  

    • Paperweights

    Whether it’s from air conditioning, an open window, or a hasty coworker, a sudden draft can easily put your papers in disarray. Luckily, a paperweight can keep your documents in order and give your desk a splash of personality.

    If you’re interested in any of the above desk decorations, don’t hesitate to contact Successories. In addition to desk accessories, we offer hundreds of motivational posters, gifts, and awards. Call us today at (800) 535-2773 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

    Find out More about the Great Awards, Motivational Products, and Gifts Available from Successories

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Though many of your employees probably enjoy their jobs very much, there are likely a few who are suffering from low morale. In order to boost their mood and performance, you’ll need to offer them the right motivation. For more information, call Successories at (800) 535-2773.   

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